Logo for the Diverse Leaders Group: A rainbow-coloured shied with the text, Diverse Leaders Group in black.

An Equal World For Everyone…

We’re building the Equaliversity – a virtual university – to teach a Master of Equality program to leaders paving the way to equality for all. 

What We Do…

Logo for The Equaliversity: A blue shield with the word Equaliversity in white, and a rainbow infinity symbol underneath

The Equaliversity

A virtual university for world-class leadership development of progressive leaders who understand the benefits of workplaces, communities and ecosystems built upon a foundation of equality for everyone.

Complete a Master of Equality (ME) to elevate your leadership abilities and help pave the way to the equal world we need.

Benefit from our experiential learning platform, powered by world-class resources from a global community of the world’s most progressive educators.

And help design and build our virtual campus in the metaverse to provide a working prototype of how a society based upon true equality could function. 

The four shield logos for each community group, arranged in a square.

The Associations

We run live support groups for active allyship of deliberately disadvantaged communities to empower leaders working to achieve equality in all areas of their lives.

Our skilled faciliators work in the following areas:

  • Anti-racism
  • Disability
  • Neurodiversity and neurodivergence

We provide a facilitated space for leaders to receive ongoing support as they deepen their own journeys to allyship and leadership.

The Diverse Leaders Group Team

About Us

Majority Black and Brown team, Majority Black and Brown leadership, diversity in all the ways…come and meet the team behind Diverse Leaders Group!


Office 47611, PO Box 6945
London, W1A 6US

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