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An Equal World For Everyone…

An Experiential Learning Platform Leading The Way To Equality For All. From A Paradigm Of Trust & Freedom, Not Power & Control.

Want To Uplevel Your Leadership?

Are you looking to stand out as a leader and lead from a place of trust and freedom?

Are You A People/Talent/HR Person?

Are you a Head of People/Talent, Chief People Office or similar? Want to ‘do’ DEI better?

Do You Work In The DEI Industry?

Are you a DEI professional and want to connect and co-create with like-minded people?

Our Solutions

An experiential learning platform, powered by world class resources sourced from a global community of world class educators.

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The Equaliversity

A virtual university (in 2D & the metaverse) to educate and support leaders and leaders of the future who can lead the way to equality for all.

Logo for the EquaMetaverse

The Equametaverse

The frameworks & structures needed to build equality as a foundational principle for platforms, applications & tools in web3 and the metaverse.

The Associations

Support groups for active allyship of deliberately disadvantaged communities to empower leaders working to achieve equality in all areas of their lives.

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Community & Campaigns

Community support groups and campaigns to fund and support initiatives that forge a path to equality and fight discrimination of all kinds.

A photo montage of the DLG team members - with one white woman, a Brown Asian woman and a Black woman on the top row and a Brown person, a Brown Asian woman and a blonde white woman on the bottom row. from the Global Majority on the top row.

About Us

Majority Black and Brown team, Majority Black and Brown leadership, diversity in all the ways…come and meet the team behind Diverse Leaders Group!

Our Latest Campaign

“This will be the catalyst to go from consuming content to doing the work. It is the space to move from understanding to action.”


Pardon, Your Bias is Showing

Pardon, Your Bias is Showing

I’m going to let you into a secret: I didn’t learn the term “microaggressions” till decades after I’d already experienced my first one. Microaggressions don’t just happen at work, of course. Black people who live in countries where they are in the minority experience...

The White Person, Paid Anti-Racism Work And Elusive Reparations

The White Person, Paid Anti-Racism Work And Elusive Reparations

There are many white voices talking about racism and anti-racism in the DEI space; it seems to have become yet another arena where white people feel entitled to have their voices heard and elevated (said the white woman). Robin DiAngelo is a notable one. The author of...

What Is A Reparations Compensation Model & Why Are We Using One?

What Is A Reparations Compensation Model & Why Are We Using One?

One of the most “controversial” things we’re doing at Diverse Leaders Group is implementing a reparations model of compensation for our people. It’s yet another way we’re doing things differently.  But what does this even mean, and why are we doing it? We answer both...


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