Work With Diverse Leaders Group

Our Commitment

At Diverse Leaders Group, we are building a different kind of company. A company that…

  • Is fully, wholly and deeply committed to diversity, equity, belonging and anti-racism across everything we do.
  • Focuses on equity to achieve equality; which means that people will be treated differently to ensure that everyone can start at the same starting line.
  • Maintains its standards, no matter what, because the vision of what we’re working to achieve is bigger than any one person.

Our Approach

We are a very early stage start-up – having launched in June 2022 – which means we have no funds and no real income (yet!). Those on the team are working for sweat equity (i.e. with no pay) to launch and grow this.

We are happy to recruit other team members on this basis, who understand the stage we’re at and who can support the venture without pay until we secure funding through investment or sales. If this is you, here’s our high-level approach to people…

  • We will always have a majority Black and Brown leadership team.
  • We will always be a majority Black and Brown team.
  • White people who are in close and regular contact/relationship with Black or Brown people on a daily basis are welcome on the team because we know there’s a greater chance of increased awareness of racism and the potential for harm and racial discrimination is minimised (as much as it can be).
  • Black and Brown members of the team will be paid at least 30% more than white members of the team, as a form of financial reparations and to acknowledge the additional, unseen labour of microaggressions, biases and other forms of racial discrimination that will happen.

Join Us

If you like what we’re doing and can offer any of the following expertise or experience, please get in touch…

  • Fundraising experience –¬†especially philanthropic or impact investing.
  • Social media marketing – to help craft our core messages with consistency and impact (both strategy and execution).
  • Sales & Marketing – to help us reach out to interested parties especially corporate markets and generate early, pre-launch sales.
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