A BluePrint For An Equal Organisation…

Most of us don’t know what an organisation based on real equality actually looks like. If you don’t have a clear vision for where DEI can take your company, how will you ever get there? The Blueprint will help you drive your DEI Strategy and design initiatives that work.

About The Equality Blueprint

Everything we do at Diverse Leaders Group is built around the REAL Equality framework. Our REAL Equality Blueprint is no different. The Blueprint will outline a progressive vision in each key area…

The REAL World Equality Framework: The word Representation on an orange stripe; the words Equitable & Equal Environment on a yellow stripe; the words Accountability on a green stripe; the words Leading To Equality on a blue stripe.


You’ll learn what true Representation looks like in an organisation – not just the headline numbers and vanity metrics, but what it means and looks like under the hood of an engine of equality and how it can drive performance, progress and profits (and not just the financial kind 😉 for everyone.

Equitable & Equal Environment

You’ll understand what a working environment – remote, hybrid or in-the-office – based on equity, equality and safety looks like, how it’s set up and how it functions to create a happy, thriving and growth-oriented workforce with equity and equality as the default.


You’ll learn why accountability is a foundational requirement for driving towards equality for everyone, at every level of your organisation and who needs to be involved. You’ll also learn what it looks like in action, how it operates in practice and which areas of accountability are lacking across your company.

Leading To Equality

You’ll gain clarity of what leading from a different paradigm – trust and freedom vs power and control – looks like in the workplace, and what’s needed at all levels of your company – senior leadership included – to lead a path to equality for everyone.

What The REAL Equality Blueprint Includes…

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1. The REAL Equality Blueprint

A breakdown of what equality looks like across an organisation – when designed from the ground up – with equity and equality as a core foundation. This is a progressive vision of how things could (should) work in the workplace to ensure equality for everyone.

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2. The REAL Equality Blueprint Guide

A comprehensive guide, walking you through the why, what and how of the REAL Equality Blueprint to give you greater clarity and understanding of the real ROI of an organisation founded on equality, beyond the financial and the commercial.

Pre-Register For Beta Access…

The beta version of the REAL Equality Blueprint will be released in December 2023 to a select group of beta customers. Pre-register to become a beta customer below and get the blueprint for £1,495 (RRP £2,995).

Questions & Answers

How will this help me create a DEI strategy?

When you don’t know what you don’t know, it can be hard to design and do something different. The REAL Equality Blueprint will show you a vision of the future – how things could be. This gives you a stretch starting point from which you can then design differently for your organisation. 

Is there any additional support for creating a DEI strategy?

Along with your REAL Equality Blueprint, you’ll receive a template with a suggested structure to draft your own DEI strategy.

If you need additional support, please get in touch to hire a world-class practitioner through us to help you.



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