A REAL Equality Audit For YOUR DEI Efforts…

Don’t know where to start because you don’t know where you actually ‘are’ on the DEI front? We can help with a DEI Audit, done differently…why is it different?


We help you measure the things that actually matter and will make a difference to your people and your company; instead of looking at the vanity metrics that don’t.


We help you identify gaps in your efforts and show you how to fill those gaps with specific, actionable recommendations. No guesswork involved.


We’ll show you how to assess your own DEI efforts with a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Equality Audit or hire us to do it for you with our world-class practitioners.

About The Equality Audit

Everything we do at Diverse Leaders Group is built around the REAL Equality framework. Our REAL Equality Audit is no different. Your business will be reviewed across each key area for…

The REAL World Equality Framework: The word Representation on an orange stripe; the words Equitable & Equal Environment on a yellow stripe; the words Accountability on a green stripe; the words Leading To Equality on a blue stripe.


We’ll help you review and identify how diverse the workforce is across your company at all levels, and what impact this has on your business currently; as well as identifying the opportunities for everyone to benefit from even greater diversity.

Equitable & Equal Environment

We’ll help you understand how equitable and equal (and safe) your workplace is for everyone – those who belong to deliberately disadvantaged communities and those who don’t, both before, during and after working with and for the company.


We’ll help you review and understand who is accountable for creating safety and equality within your company, and how this is measured and managed to create an equitable, equal and safe environment for everyone who works with and for the company.

Leading To Equality

We’ll help you review and understand how competent, capable and empowered the people are across the business, to lead to equality within the company, along with how well your senior leadership are doing leading the DEI efforts and what to do about it, if they aren’t!

What The REAL Equality Audit Includes…

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1. The REAL Equality Surveys

A complete range of surveys and questionnaires to help you conduct a 360° review of the current DEI efforts across your organisation – internally and externally, and how effective they are.

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2. The REAL Equality Scorecard

A comprehensive scorecard to help you identify your baselines, see where you’re starting from and identify opportunities to improve based upon the most progressive measure: True equality for all.

Pre-Register For Beta Access…

The “Do It Yourself” version of the REAL Equality Audit will be released in November 2023 to a select group of beta customers. Pre-register to become a beta customer below and get the audit for £2,995 (RRP £4,495).

Questions & Answers

Who needs to be involved?

Ideally, you’ll need two people to run the audit (the People team if you have one, or Leadership or Operations if not). Then you’ll need to involve:

  • Leadership – to be interviewed and answer the survey.
  • The rest of the team to answer the survey.

If you don’t feel you have the right people to conduct the audit, do get in touch to talk about how we can help do this for you.

What tools do we need?

You will need a survey tool that allows for anonymised responses – you can use an existing tool if you have one, or something like Typeform or Google Forms.

How long will it take?

Depending on how speedy you are, it will take about a week to work through the questions and we suggest you run your survey for at least two weeks to aim for the highest response rate (and to ensure people who might be on holiday/sick when you launch it are also involved).

How much guidance is there to "do it myself"?

There are clear and detailed instructions for each part of the REAL Equality Audit to guide you through conducting the surveys and questionnaires to ensure you get the most out of them.

What happens afterwards?

Your score and survey data will give you some very clear next steps – it’s what we’ve designed this process to include because we know that ‘operationalising’ a DEI audit is often a huge stumbling block.

We’d highly recommend our REAL Equality Blueprint so you have a clear vision and know what could be your goal, and then work back from there.


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