Doing DEI At DLG

From strategy to operational, our focus is on DOING DEI, well. Many companies are struggling to get started, to move beyond ‘unconscious biases’ workshops and DEI pledges to a place where they can experience the real benefits of an equal workplace for everyone

Most DEI Work Fails Due To…

Lack Of Support

For DEI to truly ‘work’, the most senior leadership team have to be true champions of it. Ideally this means the CEO, or someone with as much influence across the company. If you don’t have this, it’s an uphill battle and success will be limited despite any promises to the contrary.

We can give you the tools and resources to get the buy-in you need.

Lack Of Vision

What does ‘successful’ DEI look like at your company? Do you know what true equality in any company actually looks like or how it works? Most people don’t. If you don’t know what your vision is, looks like or how it’ll function, how will you ever achieve it or even know that you’re ‘there’?

We can help you design a vision based on world leading standards. 


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Lack Of Integration

DEI done ‘right’ requires integration across the entire company, NOT just as an add-on or tacked on as an afterthought. This requires strategic planning and a long range approach to implementing and integrating DEI, not just piecemeal initiatives, a workshop here and there and ticking the boxes.

We can help you integrate DEI as a core foundation of the business. 



Do you know where you’re starting from?


Do you know where you want to get to?


Do you know how to get ‘there’?

Get Started…

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1 Equality Audit

Establish your baseline, find out where your biggest gaps are and where your most impactful opportunities lie.

Conduct your own DIY DEI audit with our toolkit or hire us to do it for you.

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2 Equality Blueprint

Learn what DEI can look like, how it benefits everyone and how you can get your leadership team truly committed to it.

Download our Equality blueprint and raise your own DEI game. 

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3 DEI Operationalised

Plug & play DEI packs – including policies, processes, dashboards – to operationalise and integrate DEI across your business.

Pre-purchase our Plug & Play DEI Packs today.


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