Community Campaigning

Crowdfunding, campaigning for fair treatment and justice…whatever our community is needed for, our goal is that a person or family – YOU – never feels alone with an act of discrimination experienced because we, as a community, are here.

Current Campaigns

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Read more about and support our IndieGoGo campaign to fund the running of the Anti-Racist Leaders Association for one year.

Get Involved: Join The Community!

Join An Association

Membership starts from free (you can also invest in your own education and support with a paid subscription) to become part of the community support base we’re building.

Join Our Campaign Groups

If you’re on LinkedIn or Facebook, join our community Campaign support group(s) to receive updates, calls to mobilise and be ready to lend support whenever and wherever it’s needed. 

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Tools & Resources

You’ll soon be able to access:

  • Letter templates for each campaign.
  • General letter templates to campaign for equality.
  • A form to submit your request for community support.
  • Cheat sheets on language and specific acts of discrimination or facts & figures.
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