Our Mission: Develop and support a community of leaders driving towards belonging and equality for neurodivergent people in organisations and communities, across the globe.

Our Core Values

1) Equality – we are committed to achieving equality for all in our lives (personal and professional).

2) Integrity – we DO what we say we’re going to do.

3) Freedom – we value the freedom and safety to choose.

4) Empowerment – we are committed to empowering others.

5) Transparency – we are committed to transparency and openness.

Your Commitment

1) To work towards equality for all in all aspects of your life – and lead others by example.

2) To do no harm – to neurodivergent people, everywhere.

3) To take full responsibility – for the impact of your words and actions.

4) To commit to repairing harm – without question, as requested by the people you harm.

5) To share your journey – with transparency about your progress, struggles and work towards being a Diverse Leader.

About Us

We are focused on creating a global community of leaders committed to achieving equality in the world and creating safe spaces for neurodivergent people, everywhere.

The team working at Neurodivergent Leaders is a small, fully remote team with decades of lived experience and real world, practical expertise of being neurodivergent. We have walked through the world as neurodivergent people with everything this entails.

How We Can Help

We help you deepen your commitment to neurodivergent people, for you and your organisation/community. We do this by identifying, developing and supporting young leaders, by empowering organisations to treat neurodivergent people equally, and by providing direct support and mentoring to leaders individually.

Young Leaders For ND Equality

Education for schools and learning communities about neurodiversity and neurodivergence. With online community support to identify, develop and nurture the young leaders of the future. Launching in September 2022.

Build A Neurodiverse Business

A programme for leaders committed to building an organisation which delivers equality for ND people. Learn from experts in their fields and leaders who have built and are leading diverse businesses, around the world.

Leaders For ND Equality Association

A community support group for leaders (and those aspiring to be) committed to equality for ND people, who value a safe space to share their challenges, get feedback and input on their actions and learn from peers and experts.

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