Achieving REAL World Equality: A structured framework to help lead the way to equality.

REAL World Equality

The REAL World Equality Framework

We’ve developed a framework at Diverse Leaders Group which we call the REAL World Equality Framework.

We use this to provide a structured approach to addressing discrimination of all kinds.

Achieving equality is a big swing, so we have broken it down into key themes/areas which bring it to life for folks at a level that matters both to the individual and to the wider communities – business or social – they belong to.

It starts by asking the ‘right’ questions; questions such as:


What does representation really mean? It means that everyone can see themselves reflected, supported and treated equally in society and the communities to which they belong.

Why does representation matter for companies?

Unless you have a very niche audience, it’s likely that your customer base has its own level of diversity. Does your company reflect and represent that too? Why not?

Equitable & Equal Environment

How do you design and create an equal and equitable environment? In schools? In the workplace? In your local community?

How safe do you feel in the spaces you exist? How safe do others feel? Is access to support fair and equal? Are all opportunities fair and equally available? Do some folks have more privilege, support and access than others? How can you create a more equitable and equal environment for everyone?


Accountability and responsibility go hand in hand. Responsibility is task-oriented – who is responsible for getting X done? Accountability is what happens after a situation has occurred, after X has been done.

SOMEONE has to step up to take responsibility in the first place…

And that’s where people struggle in the move towards equality because most of us didn’t choose the path that has been taken…the paths our ancestors chose of subjugation, domination, colonisation, power, control and marginalising and excluding certain people because of social constructs that actually mean nothing.

We didn’t choose it and we are not responsible for it. And yet now we’re being held accountable for it. How unfair is that?

And here we are now stuck with the responsibility to do something about it. This is our chance to CHOOSE that responsibility. To put up our hands, accept the job and step IN and step UP and then be held accountable for what we achieve, or not.

Leading To Equality

The path to equality needs brave, courageous leadership…of all kinds, at all levels. It’s not just top down – though this is vital. Each person, at every level, needs to lead the way to equality in all their communities, everywhere.

What does that look like, in real world terms? It looks like unlearning and re-learning…the language, phrases, patterns of behaviour, actions that do harm and the ones that don’t. 

It also looks like exceptional change management because let’s be clear…achieving equality after CENTURIES of THIS requires real, lasting and significant change.

It also looks like putting your money where your mouth is: Reparations, financially supporting deliberately disadvantaged communities.

Any person, of any age, can lead the way to equality…are you in?

A Note About Attribution, Trademark And Copyright

We have made a strategic and conscious decision NOT to trademark or copyright this framework. Please feel free to use and share as you choose – with the only requirement being attribution to Diverse Leaders Group – to further the path to equality for everyone.

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