About Diverse Leaders Group: We are a small global team, with real world experience of building businesses founded upon diversity of all kinds and equality for all.

Our Core Values

Equality – we are committed to achieving equality for everyone. And we mean everyone.

Integrity – we DO what we say we’re going to do. Even when no-one’s looking.

Freedom – we value the freedom and safety to choose. And we want this for everyone.

Empowerment – we are committed to empowering others. To empower themselves.

Transparency – we are committed to transparency and openness. Even when it’s hard.

Executive & Leadership Team

Lea Jovy-Ford, Founder of Diverse Leaders Group

Lea has almost two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner, leading fully remote teams of diverse employees and contractors around the globe. She was an early pioneer of the remote work and digital nomad movement as the founder of the world-renowned blog, Location Independent, and has helped thousands of people create the freedom to work from anywhere.

Lea was most recently the co-founder and COO of another EdTech company based in the USA. Under Lea’s leadership, the company was built as an explicitly anti-racist company fully committed to diversity, equity and belonging of all kinds, taking action to be explicitly anti-racist and create a safe working environment for Black, Brown and other historically marginalised people and communities…until Lea resigned after ongoing racism from her co-founder and CEO!

Lea and her wife have a blended family of 4 children, who are all home educated, and live in the UK.

I love working with Lea because we share an unwavering commitment to anti-racism and equality. In addition, Lea is a strategic visionary, an excellent mentor and fun to be around.” – Sharon Hurley Hall

Lea has an unwavering belief in everyone’s abilities that is inspiring and motivating, she also backs that up with a tremendous amount of useful and practical support. She has an amazing work ethic and is able to produce unparalleled quality work at great speed whilst also maintaining a healthy work-life balance which she models. She exudes an attitude of ‘everything is possible’ (and it’s often achieved moments later!!). She is always fair and measured and it matters to her to be in integrity and cause no harm. Lea is a visionary genius but she is also a team player, ensuring everyone’s opinions are heard and that the end results are always a team effort” – Becky Jovy-Ford

Photo of Sharon Hurley Hall

Sharon Hurley Hall is an anti-racism activist, writer and educator. Firmly committed to doing her part to eliminate racism, she is the Founder and Curator-in-Chief of Sharon’s Anti-Racism Newsletter. In this twice-weekly online publication, Sharon writes about existing while Black in majority-white spaces, and amplifies the voices of other anti-racism activists.

She has written and ghostwritten articles for companies and non-profits looking to show up authentically with their DEIB and JEDI content. In addition, Sharon was the Diversity Team Lead and Anti Racism Educator at Omnis Education, where she developed and led anti-racism courses, diversity education curricula, and workshops for children and adults.

A writer with more than 25 years’ experience, Sharon is the author of Exploring Shadeism, an analysis of colorism in Barbados and the wider Caribbean. A self-confessed word nerd and polymath, Sharon has also worked as a journalist, an editor, and a senior journalism professor at Coventry University in the U.K.

A speaker and podcaster, Sharon is the co-host of The Introvert Sisters podcast, and has been a featured presenter at events by The National Collaboration for Youth Mental Health, SIETAR DC, The Equality Practice, and Jim-Ree Museum Inc.

From Sharon:I am working with Diverse Leaders Group because of the company’s foundational commitment to equality and anti-racism. That’s rare, and I want to be a part of making this vision a reality.”

Sharon is THE consummate professional; I can rely on her to deliver anything that is asked, on time, with excellent quality and no fuss, no nonsense and no drama. She is a trusted sounding board and a clear-headed and steady influence to everyone around her. I would have Sharon on every team I build.” – Lea Jovy-Ford

From Sharon I get generous resources and support on my anti-racism journey as well as support, humour and the occasional nudge more generally. Sharon has a vast knowledge, a dedicated work ethic and a steadfast commitment to equality of ALL kinds. She is efficient, thoughtful and kind, has an excellent turn of phrase and brings a lot of joy to the team. Sharon frequently makes me want to do and be better.” – Becky Jovy-Ford

Photo of Laura Ajayi, Head of Product, Diverse Leaders Group

Laura is an artist and education creator working in outside-the-box learning modalities for over a decade. She has developed programming for Disabled youth, led EAL classes for newcomers to Canada, operated an art school out of her basement, taught adult learners at Nunavut Arctic College and facilitated classes for high school students while wearing a baby on her back.

These days, she taps into her affinity for blending structured frameworks with creative flair to create high quality learning experiences from behind a computer screen rather than in front of a classroom. Most recently, she led a team developing progressive learning resources for a global audience at a disruptive EdTech company.

Laura’s special interests include Neurodiversity justice, issues impacting the LGBTQ+ community,  and all paths toward authentic, holistic, accessible and diverse education for every learner at every life stage. She lives in Canada with her partner and children as they work and learn alongside one another at home.

I trust Laura to bring a balanced, nuanced and truly thoughful approach to all her work; this gives me confidence that any decision we make as a team has been examined from multiple angles and perspectives which is a valuable thing to bring to the table. Laura is full of integrity and a pleasure to work with.” – Lea Jovy-Ford

“Working with Laura is a joy because we both love research and learning and integrating what we’ve learned into an excellent product, plus we laugh a lot.” – Sharon Hurley Hall

“From Laura I get a solidity of knowledge, an ever thoughtful approach to ensure things are done well and with care. Laura has great integrity, a wry sense of humour and a useful desire for clarity. She has a passionate knowledge of neurodiversity that she graciously shares. I appreciate Laura’s no-nonsense approach to things that is coupled with a deep care and concern for people and her ability and desire to have real and genuine relationships.” – Becky Jovy-Ford

A photo of Becky Jovy-Ford, Head of Community at Diverse Leaders Group

Becky Jovy-Ford is an aspiring anti-racist ally and accomplice. She is also still an extremely fragile white female, hence the column she writes here for Anti-Racist Leaders with the goal of wiping away her fragile white tears, pulling her big girl pants on and ‘doing the work’.

Becky was educated in Disability Politics by her radical Disability Equality Trainer and Comedian/Actor boss, Liz Carr. Academically taught by Germaine Greer, Becky researched the way liberal feminism often rendered Disabled women’s sexuality ‘invisible’ and how charitable organisations working in global majority countries act as ‘saviours’ while changing little of the colonial underpinnings of inequality; a discourse that white ‘Western’ feminists also remain trapped within.

Becky has always been drawn towards creating or being in community: From living on a Moshav in Israel, creating a women’s networking (dinner) group, charting the start of a utopian adventure story on Patreon, sampling life in a commune, attending communal festivals and restaurants and building an online community with her (introvert!!) wife – the pull for conscious connection is always there. Becky lives in her own micro community – her blended inter-racial family of 6.

From Becky:I’m working with Diverse Leaders Group because I want to help bring about equality, in all its forms, in my lifetime. (And I get to work with the best people!)”

Becky thinks and does things in a very different way to me! It means I have great confidence that, as a team, we are diverse in thought, perspective and approach. Becky’s thoroughness ensures we achieve the quality we strive for and she is skilled at drawing people together and cultivating a community-minded, collective energy.” – Lea Jovy-Ford

“I love working with Becky because she cares about the quality and impact of everything we create at Diverse Leaders Group, and because of her commitment to growth on her anti-racism journey. She brightens every day with an offbeat sense of humour that always makes me giggle.” – Sharon Hurley Hall

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